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Manual data verification and auditing during loan origination, post-close reviews and servicing onboarding is a time-consuming, costly process. Comparalytics from Fiserv can ease the burden for your institution.

Fiserv delivers the tools you need to enhance your lending practices through significant time savings, reduced document storage costs, accelerated lending processes and improved customer service.

Key Benefits of Comparalytics:

  • Processes loans more quickly and efficiently
  • Increases the value of loan portfolios for resale
  • Automates the review and analysis of loan origination system and servicing data to original document data
  • Reduces costly and error-prone manual reviews during loan origination and prior to onboarding newly acquired or serviced loans
  • Minimizes data issues associated with RESPA Cures, foreclosures, buybacks and consumer complaints
  • Reduces costs with improved processor efficiencies

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