ACH Processing Services

ACH Processing Services is a hosted edition of PEP+®, an online, real-time solution for originating and receiving ACH electronic payments.

ACH Processing Services' base offering includes online access, automated settlement, edits and interfaces, scheduling, operational security, multi-institutional processing, fraud detection, debit authorization and protection, reporting and more. You can enhance the core offering by subscribing to additional PEP+ services, such as stop pay billing, automated debit return, NOC management and corporate customer self-service.

By subscribing to ACH Processing Services, you can manage your ACH banking and processing costs through predictable, per-item pricing as your ACH volumes increase, and you can add new PEP+ functionality incrementally as you need it.

By outsourcing complex ACH transactions to an ACH processing company, you can offer new ACH product and service capabilities to your bank's clients as soon as the technology is available from Fiserv. Also, ACH Processing Services keeps your bank up-to-date with evolving regulatory guidelines.

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  • ACH Solutions, Payments
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  • Banks, Credit Unions
  • Published
  • March 2015