WealthManagement.com Article: Cheryl Nash: How Personas Could Revolutionize FinTech

Fiserv Investment Services leaders Cheryl Nash and Tirdad Shojaie discuss with WealthManagement.com how "personas" could be the next big thing in fintech and what AI might mean for financial advisors.

The wealth management industry is ready to embrace goal-based investing, and advisors will need to speak to their clients in a different way. A digital platform that has data on investors can build personas and segment clients by their similarities, taking into consideration factors such as age, income, number of children, and where they live.

Cheryl Nash, president of Investment Services at Fiserv, and Tirdad Shojaie, senior vice president, product management, marketing and strategy, discuss the implication of persona-based investing going forward as well as artificial intelligence and some of the new technologies that are emerging in the wealth management industry.

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  • June 2018