The Value of Case Management in Financial Services

The term "case management" describes how social services organizations manage workload and track open staff and accountholder requests. With case management, financial institutions can improve accountholder satisfaction and retention, lower risk, and gain efficiency.
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Case management has many applications across the enterprise – from customer service and support to fraud and compliance investigations. It’s applicable to tracking a new loan application, a change in beneficiary request, request for a statement or other documentation, onboarding a new retail or wholesale accountholder, and even credit card dispute resolution. Case management is also used more broadly to manage IT or help desk requests from staff, employee business credit card requests, HR workplace harassment reporting, litigation and more.

Case management can help your bank or credit union improve customer service, increase business efficiency, better address compliance, and reduce risk and cost. It enables you to automate business processes, capture related information and supporting documentation, and track detailed progress. Your management and staff will be more productive, and tasks will be completed faster.

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