Payment Cards Can Drive Cardholder Engagement, Even in the Digital Age

Despite the number of options available to accountholders today, a financial institution's most valuable touchpoint is still in consumers' wallets. It's more than a card. It's a tangible connection that can drive revenue, loyalty and satisfaction.

Today's financial institutions must deliver seamless banking opportunities across consumers' physical and digital worlds. Payment cards often bridge that divide because they're used in both spaces.

Cards are the most frequent point of interaction between financial institutions and their cardholders; the average accountholder posts 32 debit and 21 credit transactions each month, according to a JPMorgan Chase & Co. survey of digitally enabled households published in 2018. Because of their heavy usage, payment cards play an important role in attracting new consumers and driving revenue.

  • Cards lead to account openings
  • Staying top of wallet drives incremental usage, revenue and brand impressions
  • Rewarding loyalty
  • Keeping on trend

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