Not Ready for Insurtech - Here is Proven Automation You Can Use Now

The right kind of insurtech can modernize the financial close, freeing up time, money and resources so businesses can focus on strategic efforts and specific customer needs.


Reconciliation of transactions and accounts across large organizations is one area where automation and digitization can have a major impact on the balance sheet. Digitization of the reconciliation process can provide a big return-on-investment, with the added benefit of having your company stay on the good side of regulators by ensuring compliance is in order.

In the article, Not Ready for Insurtech? Here's Proven Automation You Can Use Now!, learn how one of the top ten major insurance carriers has used digitization for the past decade to streamline their reconciliation efforts - saving time and money - while increasing their bottom line.

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  • Canada, United States
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  • Financial Control & Accounting
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  • Insurance
  • Published
  • September 2017