Digital Transformation Introduces Wealth Management to a New Generation

The role of technology in wealth management, including robo-advice solution, is not simply to automate, but to complement and facilitate digital transformation.

The future of wealth management isn't automated, impersonal or robotic. It's personalized – based on an understanding of clients' life goals - and combines technology and with service to help people achieve their dreams. When considering the daily financial experiences of consumers, institutions must look to understand what audiences and individual customers need from the engagement and interactions around their finances and cater to those needs.

Every generation, especially millennials, wants help and advice and they'll gravitate toward financial organizations that offer low-barrier digital entry points and deliver according to their expectations. However, robo-advice isn't an all-encompassing solution for the entire industry. Rather, it is an entry point into a lager platform built on consumer insight, enabling financial organizations to offer solutions that that adapt to people's needs as they evolve.