Financial IT: Banking on the Unified Wealth Model

Since the financial crisis, the ultra-wealthy have demanded a more holistic view of their finances. To meet this need, many investment management, advisory, accounting and consultancy firms are offering these platforms.

Current wealth management platforms enable financial consumers to evaluate their investment and retirement accounts, comparing them with cash-flow analysis and long-term investment goals. However, given the emergence of new technologies in the finance sector, such as mobile banking applications, we are witnessing a change to how consumers access their banking information.

We're moving to real-time investment management and a convergence of wealth management platforms as consumers demand more.  These new mobile applications give clients two things: automated payments and a more complete view of their finances. Customers and members now have better access to their mortgage, savings and credit accounts and get this information in one place.

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  • United States
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  • Wealth Management
  • Published
  • May 2016