The Time is Right for Financial Institutions to Offer Deposit Liquidity Solutions

When it comes to small dollar lending, most of the financial services industry and media attention have focused on how these programs meet the needs of low-income consumers with an urgent need to access short-term funds. Fiserv put that proposition to test with its 2020 Emergency Funds Survey.

Consumers Willing to Switch Financial Institutions to Gain Access to Liquidity

June 2021

Featuring Jeff Burton, Senior Director of Product Management

In a recent Fiserv Emergency Funds Survey, consumers at all income levels expressed an interest in deposit-based liquidity solutions offered by financial institutions. In this podcast, Jeff Burton, Senior Director of Product Management at Fiserv, spotlights the need for flexible liquidity from the higher income, higher education segment. He also explores how financial institutions could lose customers if they don’t have solutions that satisfy this need.

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