Wintrust Financial Corporation Case Study

Looking for a way to help its 15 banking subsidiaries improve their approach to contacting prospects and customers and leverage their entrepreneurial spirit, Wintrust Financial Corporation selected EnAct™, a flexible and proven CRM platform.


Wintrust Financial Corporation needed a way to help its 15 banking subsidiaries increase sales efficiency and productivity while enabling personalized customer service.


Wintrust Financial Corporation selected EnAct from Fiserv – a flexible CRM platform that allows features to be tailored to the different roles within a financial institution. Powered by Microsoft® Dynamics® CRM, EnAct combines a world-class CRM solution with the specialized functionality and data that banks and credit unions need to develop and deepen customer relationships.

Proof Points

  • Increased productivity of bankers, frontline employees and bank management
  • Resolution of sales conflicts through shared, centralized view of customers and prospects
  • Improved lead management and distribution
  • Improved decision making by local bank management and Wintrust leadership
  • Greater insights into customer behaviors and needs
  • Improved cross-selling capabilities