Union County Savings Bank Case Study

At Union County Savings Bank, efficiency has improved dramatically as a direct result of the automated backups performed by Data Vaulting from Fiserv, replacing manual tape backups done by the bank.


Union County Savings Bank wanted a data backup and recovery system that eliminated the need to do manual tape backups at its branches and enabled the bank to have full data protection and recovery services without increasing its resources and infrastructure costs.


By selecting Data Vaulting, Union County Savings has an automated data backup system that eliminates manual backup processes and reduces the stress on the bank's limited IT resources. The capacity of Data Vaulting allows the bank to back up all its data without having to increase hardware or bandwidth.

Proof Points

With Data Vaulting, Union County Savings Bank has:

  • Increased efficiency through automated data backup
  • Implemented a high-technology solution on existing hardware and network infrastructure
  • Gained access to convenient data recovery
  • Engaged 24/7/365 support from Fiserv in the event of an emergency
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  • Published
  • April 2016