ReserveLink Provides Greater Automation, Efficiency and Sweep Rate to Free Up Capital for Investment

Purdue Federal Credit Union's deposit reclassification solution lacked flexibility, full automation and integration capabilities. They found a better solution with ReserveLink™ from Fiserv, which automatically sweeps over 90 percent of reservable account balances.

With more than 77K members nationwide and assets exceeding $1.1B, Purdue Federal Credit Union's accounting team realized their outdated deposit reclassification solution lacked the flexibility, automation and integration they needed to efficiently reduce nonearning assets and expand asset income.

Read how ReserveLink helped Purdue Federal Credit Union achieve greater efficiencies and optimize its profitability strategy by:

  • Automatically sweeping on average over 90 percent of reservable account balances
  • Reducing manual execution by about 75 percent
  • Helping meet regulatory requirements such as Regulation D

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