Real-time Teller Capture Solution Slashes Costs and Improves Operations at Fairwinds Credit Union

Fairwinds Credit Union dramatically reduced deposit chargeoffs, improved returned items processing times and gained efficiencies throughout its operations by moving from batch-based branch capture technology to tMagic™ for DNA®, a real-time teller capture system from Fiserv.


Relying solely on batch-based branch capture technology for deposit check processing cost Fairwinds Credit Union both money and time. The credit union saw nearly $1 million in deposit chargeoffs annually due to a seven- to 10-day lag in getting back returned deposit items. End-of-day balancing frequently extended tellers’ workday to 7 p.m. Employees throughout the credit union spent hundreds of hours researching and tracing returned items back to their original deposits.


With tMagic, Fairwinds Credit Union captures and processes deposit items in real time, eliminating end-of-day batch scanning and balancing. The turnaround time for returned deposit items dropped to one day, resulting in a significant reduction in deposit chargeoffs. With tMagic, items are automatically encoded and linked to deposits, so any subsequent item tracing is reduced to making a simple inquiry.

Proof Points

  • Deposit chargeoffs reduced from approximately $1 million to $12,000 annually
  • Saved 8,000 hours annually by eliminating tasks associated with balancing in a branch-capture environment
  • Hundreds of research hours eliminated in the BSA and legal departments
  • Solution
  • Credit Unions
  • Published
  • March 2015