Forreston State Bank

When Forreston State Bank merged with Kent Bank, Forreston administrators sought to reduce operational redundancies. Since both were already using the Precision,® from Fiserv bank platform, moving to outsourced account processing was the cost-efficient solution.


Forreston State Bank needed a solution to help run its processes while limiting duplication with its merging counterpart, Kent Bank.


Forreston State Bank made the move to Precision outsourced account processing, which helped streamline processes and reduce redundancies between the two organizations.

Proof Points

By outsourcing Precision, Forreston State Bank was able to:

  • Efficiently combine the tasks of merging with another institution while smoothly transitioning to an outsourced model at the same time
  • Reduce troubleshooting of file errors and number of internal processing errors, freeing up staff time to work on other projects
  • Decrease operational redundancy
  • Eliminate the responsibility of maintaining in-house servers