FlexWage Delivers With Digital Disbursements

FlexWage uses Digital Disbursements from Fiserv to expand the way people can access earned wages right when they need them.


FlexWage offers an option for workers to get advance pay through a branded card, but needed secure technology that enables digital, on-demand access to wages. 


Digital Disbursements allows people to sign up with their debit cards and transfer funds directly into their checking or savings accounts in real time.

Proof Points

FlexWage has seen increases in total users, employee adoption and employer partners. Digital Disbursements enables employers to offer a value-added benefit that helps them attract and retain talent.  

A Ready-to-Go Solution



When FlexWage started looking for a digital payments partner, the company had a big ask: Due to ambitious timelines put forth by a FlexWage client, the company needed a solution that could be fully implemented within approximately eight weeks.



"FlexWage chose to work with Fiserv for several reasons. First, we had a great experience in the sales process with the follow-up, the knowledge and the tenacity helping us move our decision forward. That was coupled up with a product set that is very wide and allows us the ability to add other services with the same provider. And that was all packaged up with a company that has a stellar reputation for quality, scale and reliability."

-- Frank Dombroski, CEO of FlexWage



Client Profile

Founded in 2010, FlexWage Solutions provides a variety of employer-sponsored financial wellness and empowerment services, including:

  • OnDemand Pay, the industry's only patented non-loan payday solution
  • Sum180, a subscription-based mobile financial wellness service
  • FlexWage Payroll Debit Card, a reloadable Visa-branded payroll card funded each pay period
  • FlexPay, a technology solution that enables immediate delivery of non-recurring payments, such as tips, per diem and expense reimbursement

As of the third quarter of 2019, the company has hundreds of employer clients and tens of thousands of users.

The Pros of Digital Disbursements

speed of payment
that meets
end-user expectations

multiple delivery options

Ready to go
unparalleled implementation speed

Safe and secure
bank-grade security for every client

Addressing Common Employer Challenges

Financial stress can get in the way of employee productivity. This is especially true of lower-wage workers who receive bi-weekly or monthly paychecks. Lost time due to transportation, health or domestic challenges often comes down to having enough money to cover the bills at the time they're incurred. With Digital Disbursements, FlexWage offers an easy way for employers to support workers through the challenges they face. 

The advantage we offer employers is around employee retention, employee satisfaction, employee productivity. Employers who provide solutions that help workers reduce financial stress see positive results.

– Frank Dombroski, CEO, FlexWage

A Robust, Scalable Solution

Digital Disbursements offers a real-time tool that meets end-user expectations for fast, easy access to wages. It is a flexible solution that offers multiple delivery options and unparalleled implementation speed, alongside bank-grade security for every client.

In the future, the technology can be leveraged for payments to mobile phones and email, debit and prepaid cards and even physical checks when necessary.

Pay the Easy Way

From reimbursements to wages, Digital Disbursements enables fast payments that meet expectations.

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