Five Points Bank Case Study

Five Points Bank used Business Online™ and Mobiliti Business™ from Fiserv to expand its commercial customer market share and maintain its status as a technology leader in the region.


Five Points Bank wanted to continue expanding commercial customer market share and maintain its status as the technology leader in the region by offering an easy-to-use and intuitive online banking solution.


The bank implemented Business Online and Mobiliti Business from Fiserv, providing attractive new capabilities to commercial customers.

Proof Points

With Fiserv, Five Points Bank maintains its strong focus on technology and appeal to business customers, while staying ahead of the competition, by:
  • Attracting 65 percent of the business customers in one community it serves with a complete solution to manage and process cash flow
  • Delivering an innovative user interface that customers fi nd easy to use
  • Consolidating processes and standardizing bank operations, saving a minimum of fi ve hours of staff time daily
  • Integrating with Mobiliti Business to provide even greater mobile banking capability and to attract new business customers
  • Country
  • United States, International
  • Solution
  • Customer & Channel Management, Online Banking Solutions, Mobile Solutions
  • Industry
  • Bank Platforms
  • Published
  • October 2014