Enterprise Bank Case Study

At Enterprise Bank, mobile banking is an integral part of their digital strategy. After successfully rolling out Mobiliti™ from Fiserv for retail customers, the bank's small business customers were eager to have mobile access to their commercial accounts.


For several years, Enterprise Bank had been successful with Mobiliti for its retail customers, and the bank wanted to extend the offering to its commercial customers – especially small business owners who were using Mobiliti for their personal accounts and wanted the same convenience for their business accounts.


The bank did a trial run with small business customers by allowing them to register their business accounts with the Mobiliti retail mobile banking solution. Then, when Fiserv introduced Mobiliti Business for commercial customers, Enterprise Bank signed up for the pilot program.

Proof Points

Enterprise Bank's goal was to have 20 percent of current Business Online banking users sign up for Mobiliti Business within the first year. Halfway through the year, it had already reached 15 percent adoption. And those who are signed up for Mobiliti Business remain active: 71 percent of those enrolled use it at least once a month.