E-contracting Enables Big Efficiency Gains for Auto Credit and Funding

With the help of Fiserv, Toyota Financial Services has integrated paperless contracting into its business practices to enhance the borrower and dealer experience while increasing efficiencies during the loan credit and funding process.


When Toyota Financial Services (TFS) noticed a strong and definite trend in the industry toward paper-free contracts, the company made a strategic decision about how to drive acceptance at its dealerships.


TFS enlisted Fiserv to help roll out its e-contracting initiative. Automotive Loan Origination System provided client-defined e-contracting capabilities without the need to change the platform interface, ensuring that system users did not have to deal with learning curve frustration and TFS did not have to factor in the cost of new interface training.

Proof Points

  • TFS was uniquely positioned to promote e-contracting technology and its adoption to owners of more than 1,300 authorized dealers
  • E-contracting enabled TFS to accelerate loan review, reduce errors and gain overall efficiencies in its funding process
  • Dealer feedback for e-contracting has been overwhelmingly positive