Claremont Savings Bank DNA Case Study

Claremont Savings Bank steps forward with a branch of the future that integrates new technologies with DNA® from Fiserv.


Claremont Savings Bank leveraged the flexibility of DNA to create a new branch of the future that delivers a richer and more convenient customer experience utilizing new ideas and technologies including universal associates, in-lobby teller machines, concierge video services and more. At the same time, the bank benefited from a smaller branch footprint and reduced on-site staffing. Key results:

  • Increased branch traffic by moving to a busier location while retaining customers served by a predecessor branch that closed
  • Ongoing cost savings from efficient technology and a smaller branch footprint
  • Reduced staff costs and greater customer intimacy from universal associates who walk the floor
  • A branch-of-the-future strategy made possible with DNA and the easy integration of technologies to provide a complete, detailed view of customer relationships