Central Bank Case Study

A commitment to a transparent, customer-centric business development approach led Central Bank to EnAct from Fiserv. The solution has increased sales productivity and enabled greater collaboration across business lines.


EnAct is an integrated sales management system designed specifically for use by financial institution users from the front line to the CEO.

EnAct provides a clear view of customer information and sales activity across any number of branches or business units, from first contact through sales and follow-up.


Central Bank sought a CRM solution that would support a strong sales management focus, achieve higher end user adoption that the CRM solutions the bank had tried in the past, and deliver exceptional user experiences.


The bank deployed EnAct for its banking, investments, insurance, mortgage andwealth management groups.

Proof Points

  • Rapid adoption by approximately 350 users across 4 business lines and 30 branches
  • 195 percent increase in sales calls
  • 52 percent increase in referrals
  • Increase value of referrals closed
  • 16 percent cross-sell ratio increase