Cardtronics Case Study

Integrated Currency Manager™ and Device Manager™ from Fiserv give Cardtronics a powerful advantage through automation, integration and increased business intelligence.

Cardtronics is the world leader in managing self-service financial kiosks and operating ATMs throughout the United States, the United Kingdom, Mexico and the Caribbean.

The company counts many of the world's largest retailers as customers. It also offers ATM branding and surcharge-free ATM network service to more than 1,200 financial institutions, including 8 of the 15 largest U.S. retail banks.


With its diverse clientele of financial institutions, credit unions and retail merchants of various sizes, Cardtronics was challenged to accurately forecast the cash requirements for every ATM in its global network. Rapid growth also increased the difficulty of monitoring and tracking ATM availability for management and clients. Reporting capabilities were extremely limited.


Cardtronics first used Integrated Currency Manager to improve its ATM cash forecasting and reporting capabilities. The company later added Device Manager to improve ATM monitoring and service provider management. Enhanced automation, cash forecasting and fault management capabilities are reducing Cardtronics' costs and improving its service to clients. The systems' Web functionality and reporting features help differentiate the company from its competitors.

Proof Points

Cardtronics began using Integrated Currency Manager in 2004 and today manages more than 24,000 ATMs on the system. The system has helped to reduce cost per transaction by 19 percent and cost per unit by 14 percent, contributing to higher profitability for Cardtronics.