Buckaroo B.V. Selects AML Risk Manager

A leading Netherlands-based payment service provider selected AML Risk Manager from Fiserv to facilitate enhanced risk profiling and support growth, providing improved operational efficiency and more efficient money laundering monitoring.

Buckaroo B.V. sought to expand its services within the Netherlands and internationally. Recognizing the increased exposure to fraud and compliance risks associated with accepting more payment methods and currencies, Buckaroo partnered with Fiserv.

Buckaroo implemented AML Risk Manager, including Watch List Filtering, Risk Based Due Diligence and Case Investigation Manager, providing the PSP with the ability to profile customer behavior and risk whilst meeting regulatory compliance requirements.

  • Country
  • United States, International
  • Solution
  • Fraud Risk & AML Compliance Management, Risk & Compliance
  • Industry
  • Banks
  • Published
  • October 2018