Bill Pay Call Center Case Study

Fiserv Research Confirms the Value of Personal Interaction in Increasing Bill Pay Adoption

Although the world has become very digital, how individuals make decisions – including decisions about their finances – remains exceedingly personal. Financial institutions should not discount the value of the human element in influencing how consumers discover and decide on financial services.


Financial institutions face several challenges to growing consumer adoption and usage of bill payment, including a lack of awareness, misperceptions, fear and uncertainty.


A pilot study was conducted and showed that personal interaction with call center agents helped to overcome consumer reluctance to enroll in electronic bill pay services and positively impacted bill pay adoption. During routine calls, agents delivered recommendations on how bill pay could benefit the caller.

Proof Points

Compared to the control group, callers in the pilot study had several positive outcomes:

  • 58 percent of callers who were asked added a payee or e-bill
  • Customer satisfaction scores increased to 98.7 – a 9% increase
  • Five additional transactions were reported per customer during the pilot
  • Unsolicited positive comments underscored the ease and convenience of e-bills
  • Solution
  • Processing Services, Biller Solutions
  • Published
  • August 2015