Bank Zachodni WBK Case Study

When the Santander Group acquired Belgian KBC Bank's Polish operations and merged it with Bank Zachodni WBK, it turned to Fiserv to manage the data migration onto its trusted Signature® platform.


After a successful legal and commercial merger of the two banks, BZ WBK needed to migrate KBC's customers onto the BZ WBK's Signature platform. With 1.4 million account records associated with the migration, the bank needed a partner to help it manage the massive data transfer.


Fiserv was brought in to create a customized data loader for Signature that would manage the final stage of data migration, take on the responsibility of mapping business data across the different technology platforms and ensure a successful and lean migration process. The project had an 18-month time frame, and missing that deadline was not an option. Both Fiserv and BZ WBK consultants and IT staff worked tirelessly over the entire project span to guarantee a smooth migration, to be completed over a single weekend. While an ambitious target for a tier one bank, BZ WBK had confidence in both Fiserv and its own staff to make the migration successful.