A Large Wealth Management Firm Transforms Its Advisory Business

A top 5 investment advisory firm sought to upgrade its Rep-As-Portfolio Manager solution. The firm chose Fiserv to improve the operational efficiency of its financial professionals to increase their capacity to engage more clients.

In 2013, Fiserv embarked on a complete technology overhaul of the front-office component of its Unified Wealth Platform to significantly increase support for advisors who act as Rep-as-Portfolio Managers (RPM) or Rep as Advisors (RPA). The goal was to improve the advisor’s experience and effectiveness by delivering a new user interface, more robust trading and decision-making tools, quicker processing times and streamlined workflow.

Fiserv launched the new technology to a controlled group of existing clients, migrating their financial advisors from the former system to the new Unified Wealth Platform from Fiserv. Following the successful implementation of the control group, Fiserv introduced the new technology to other clients who quickly adopted. Fiserv now supports over 5,000 financial professionals on the new Unified Wealth Platform.