XRoads: Commercial Payment Interface

Businesses want an alternative to manually uploading and downloading files from their cash management site or entering data into templates. XRoads™: Commercial Payment Interface from Fiserv enables you to provide this valuable service to your commercial clients.

Your commercial clients can send the standard output from their accounting systems to Fiserv, and Fiserv translates the data to the required input for your payment processing systems. Fiserv supports batch file transmissions with your commercial clients, such as ACH origination, account reconciliation files, lockbox, Electronic Data Interchange or wire files.

You can choose the level of service that fits the way your institution does business with your commercial clients.

Download the brochure to learn more about XRoads: Commercial Payments Interface.


  • Country
  • United States
  • Solution
  • ACH Solutions, Information Management Solutions, Payments
  • Industry
  • Retail & Commerce, Banks, Credit Unions, Insurance
  • Published
  • January 2020

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