Wealth Management Network Fact Sheet

Wealth Management Network from Fiserv is the premier digital destination for the wealth management industry, providing an expansive network of managed account data and connectivity and access to eight of the top 10 sponsors in the industry.

Wealth Management Network from Fiserv enables real-time connectivity between all major market participants, allowing for efficient trading, accounting and portfolio model management.  Connectivity within the wealth management is vital for asset managers, sponsors, custodians, advisors, vendors and partners, and can result in increased efficiency and productivity.  Wealth Management Network provides access to data, analytics and reporting by connecting participants, making money management easy for financial professionals.

Key features of Wealth Management Network include:

  • Asset Manager Connect - Streamlines the workflow process by providing a single point of entry for communicating with managed account sponsors on Wealth Management Network
  • Messaging Services - Allows firms to transmit industry standard or proprietary messages and process them as account management functions that are associated with the lifecycle of opening and maintaining a firm’s managed accounts
  • Model Information Exchange & Model Reporting - Automates every task a manager performs on various sponsor environments, eliminating the need to manually log into separate sponsor locations.  Provides investment managers with data on the use and adoption of their models-only portfolios at participating sponsor firms
  • Data Services - Provides real-time entry into account and lifecycle, enabling firms to handle their managed account business while rapidly implementing new connections between business partners
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  • Published
  • July 2016

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