Voice Response for DNA

Voice Response for DNA™ from Fiserv provides the full spectrum of telephone banking capabilities you need to meet accountholder demands for fast, easy service.

Voice Response provides a comprehensive range of capabilities to support interactive telephone access to financial services, including speech recognition, speech-enabled lending, text-to-speech and touch-tone interactive voice response.

All of these robust functionalities are available on a single hardware and software platform for easy implementation and maintenance. The components of this modular solution integrate directly with your DNA account processing platform, making it easy to offer all the features your callers expect.

Key Benefits

  • Simplify voice response implementation and maintenance using a single, robust hardware and software platform
  • Speed customer or member service by enabling voice commands
  • Tailor the system to your needs and preferences using advanced call flow technology
  • Enhance service for your entire accountholder base through support for multiple languages
  • Improve accuracy and reduce errors using the system’s speech recognition engine
  • Improve convenience by offering accountholders the flexibility to switch easily between speech and touch-tone modes
  • Deliver a personalized service experience
  • Reduce development time and costs by using the text-to-speech feature
  • Streamline the lending process with an optional Speech-Enabled Lending System that enables customers or members to apply for loans by phone
  • Reduce fraud by using the speaker verification option to identify each caller’s voiceprint
  • Simplify system changes with the optional script update service

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