Transaction Management for Premier

Transaction Management for Premier® from Fiserv makes it easy for banking staff to quickly and accurately enter noncash transactions such as transfers, stop payments, reversals and split transactions.


With Transaction Management from Fiserv, your staff can take advantage of user-friendly templates to enter noncash transactions such as wire transfers, service charges, reversals, loan payments received by mail, account transfers requested by phone and more. Each transfer template prefills with information like transaction codes and descriptions, saving time and reducing the opportunity for human error. Here are some of the key features:

  • Flexible permissions let you specify which employees use each template
  • Authorization overrides offer control over certain details such as limiting the ability to override service charges or change account numbers
  • Transaction review sets specifications within each template based on transaction type and the individual completing the transaction
  • Dollar limits for specific transactions and staff members reduce financial exposure
  • An array of reports that satisfy monitoring, compliance and audit needs

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