The Ultimate Guide to Choosing a Smart(er) Safe Solution

Smarter cash management is the surest path for retailers to reduce risk, widen margins and optimize cash flows. Retailers should consider their cash volumes, integrations and armored carrier relationships. Which cash management solution is right?

Read this buyer's guide to learn the six essential elements of smarter cash management, including a comparison between bank-led programs and carrier solutions. Consider these factors when choosing a cash management solution:

  • An open system
  • Fraud detection and risk alerts
  • Central management and real-time reporting
  • Flexible, intuitive technology
  • Vendor support
  • Measurable return on investment

  • Country
  • United States, International
  • Solution
  • Cash & Logistics, Insights & Optimization
  • Industry
  • Retail & Commerce
  • Published
  • June 2019

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