Teller Cash Recycler

Consumers expect speed and efficiency at branches – they don't want to wait while cash is manually counted. Branch optimization starts with automating teller line transactions to deliver better service to your account holders. 

Teller Cash Recycler from Fiserv automatically counts, stores and validates notes for both deposit and withdrawal operations, allowing tellers to quickly process cash transactions. Reducing the time tellers spend on each transaction frees them up to better serve consumers.

Learn more about our Teller Cash Recycler solution and key features and benefits, including:

  • Integration to Fiserv core teller applications
  • Smart counting and recycling functionality
  • Reduced customer or member wait times by speeding up manual cash transactions
  • Improved security, as cash is stored inside the TCR safe
  • Create open branch designs for more personal consumer interactions by eliminating the teller counter - tellers can be positioned at desks or pods in the branch lobby

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