Remittance Coupon Source Capture

Your customers, branches and back-room operations can all use Remittance Coupon Source Capture™ from Fiserv, our simple, web-based solution to streamline the processing of check deposits associated with remittance coupons.

Remittance Coupon Source Capture enables your business customers to capture checks associated with coupon payments and deposit the funds quickly and easily from their locations, automating coupon processing and expediting deposits. At the same time, the solution updates the customer’s accounts receivable file to eliminate redundant data entry.

This Web-based solution enables your financial institution to truncate coupon payments at the capture site; extend the deposit window; and clear, settle and post deposits to any account processing system seamlessly using a common platform.

  • Country
  • United States
  • Solution
  • Processing Services, Item Processing Solutions
  • Published
  • August 2016

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