Prologue Credit Loss Manager

Prologue™ Credit Loss Manager from Fiserv provides enhanced credit modeling so you can optimize the required reserve amount for every loan to satisfy FASB requirements.

The Financial Accounting Standards Board's Current Expected Credit Loss (CECL) standard introduces new compliance and operational challenges for financial institutions.

Prologue Credit Loss Manager enhances risk modeling to help you ensure CECL compliance while maximizing the capital available for loans and investment. It illuminates a broad range of information required to measure credit losses, including reasonable and supportable forecasts regarding expected collections of loan principles and payments. By analyzing all available data, including information about past events, current conditions and reasonable and supportable forecasts, the solution calculates more accurate loss rates so that you can minimize ALLL reserve requirements.

  • Solution
  • Risk & Compliance, Financial Performance & Risk Management
  • Published
  • January 2017

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