Onboard Advisor

By combining the most advanced technology and best practices in financial crime prevention, Onboard Advisor from Fiserv delivers everything your institution needs to fight fraud at the front line of your organization.


Losses from account fraud and debit risk are growing. One of the most critical steps you can take to deter fraud is to implement comprehensive screening processes at the new account desk, reducing the risk of opening a high-risk or fraudulent account.

Key Benefits

  • A Holistic View: Fiserv provides a single point of view, once screening has taken place, enabling you to open more accounts while significantly lowering risk
  • Solutions Integrated With Existing Compliance & Fraud Management Products: This ensures quick and easy implementation and the ability to add additional financial crime prevention functionality at a later date
  • Collaboration With Trusted Partners: Fiserv partners with leading providers such as LexisNexis, ID Insight and Early Warning Services to ensure the most comprehensive data coverage and most reliable information to detect fraud and meet the latest regulatory requirement
  • A Scalable Solution: Several packages are available to suit your business requirements

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