Multifactor Authentication

Fiserv offers several advanced alternatives to help you protect against online banking fraud. With Multifactor Authentication from Fiserv, you can enhance online security and maintain compliance with banking regulations without devoting significant resources.


A dramatic rise in costly and constantly evolving forms of online banking fraud challenges bankers to strengthen their defenses and maintain a high level of customer confidence – all while keeping costs down. Multifactor Authentication, which provides an additional level of customer authentication in addition to the standard user name and password, is one of the most effective ways to prevent fraudulent online activity.

Multifactor Authentication delivers several cost-effective options designed to protect you and your customers who use Retail Online™ and Business Online™ from Fiserv. Our portable security tokens generate onetime passwords that customers must enter to log in to their account or complete high risk transactions. Another method employs PC forensics to seamlessly authenticate the customer’s computer or other device being used to access online accounts.

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