Micronotes Cross-Sell for Digital Channels

Improve cross-selling results by conducting sales interviews where your customers are banking – online - with Micronotes® Cross-Sell for Digital Channels from Fiserv.


Micronotes Cross-Sell for digital channels combines advanced data analytics with the closing power of sales interviews to generate more actionable cross-sell leads.

Key Benefits

  • 10 to 100 times higher yield than targeted ads alone
  • Machine learning refines audience selection to enhance customer experience and improve lead quality
  • Increases advertising effectiveness by informing multichannel marketing systems of specific customer needs
  • Delivers qualified leads to proper frontline staff for follow-up
  • Enhances management-level decision making through Net Promoter Score detail, lead generation, sales and activity reports
  • Reduces churn and loan defaults by predicting customers susceptible to attrition and delinquency so preventative conversations can occur
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  • International
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  • Insights & Optimization, Business Technology Services
  • Published
  • July 2017

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