Marstone Digital Advice Fact Sheet

Traditional wealth management firms eager to keep pace with the evolving industry landscape and investor expectations are taking note of the value and relevance of digital advice platforms.

With a mission to demystify financial services and enable everyone to gain knowledge and control of their finances, Fiserv has partnered with Marstone to create a highly configurable, integrated, and personalized platform that encourages stronger relationships between advisors and their clients.

The Fiserv-Marstone digital advice offering allows clients of wealth management firms to:

  • Open and fund accounts online and paperlessly
  • Complete a simple online risk-tolerance questionnaire, customizable by each institution
  • Explore and invest in portfolio models that correspond to their risk profiles
  • Track investment performance
  • View financial accounts holistically by aggregating held-away accounts, including checking, investing, mortgage and credit card
  • Maintain and update account information and transfer funds

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