Managing Revenue With Advantage Fee

Advantage Fee™ from Fiserv lets you assess risk by forecasting revenues under a wide range of assumptions to enhance your financial performance.


Creating accurate revenue forecasts and projections is critical to the success of your business. But revenue management can be a complex task, with different fee structures, "what-if" assumptions and multiple business unit participation across the organization.

Advantage Fee is designed to streamline the forecasting process and improve participation and input from business units with valuable tools for predicting future revenues, simulating business model scenarios and assessing the impact of these events on fee revenue. "What-if" scenarios allow business users to tackle various assumptions with hypothetical and actual data, such as how much revenue a particular account or business line will generate in the next 12 months or the impact of a hypothetical fee increase on revenue.

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  • United States
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  • Institutional Asset Management
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  • Institutional Asset Management
  • Published
  • January 2017

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