LoanComplete Mortgage Servicing Fact Sheet

LoanComplete™ from Fiserv helps organizations simplify day-to-day loan servicing operations – from initial loan boarding and general loan servicing tasks to loss mitigation, bankruptcy and foreclosure referral and processing.


Managing loan servicing operations can quickly stress both your resources and your budget. Tedious manual steps can significantly slow the loan boarding process as well as many servicing tasks. And, when loss mitigation or bankruptcy processes are engaged, your staff must perform a whole new set of manual tasks that lower productivity, increase the likelihood of errors and drive up costs.

LoanComplete delivers process automation to numerous servicing tasks, including document classification, data extraction, data quality verification, work load queuing, reminders for critical time sensitive dates, and upload to servicing systems. The solution helps accelerate servicing operations, increase staff productivity and reduce errors and cost across your organization.

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