Integrated Currency Manager

New, increasing pressures in the financial services market present unique challenges for organizations operating and managing a currency supply chain. Integrated Currency Manager™ from Fiserv ensures world-class customer service without sacrificing profitability and control.

Integrated Currency Manager is a robust, web-based solution designed to support any organization responsible for supplying, managing and transporting currency across multiple cash points and locations. It:

  • Eliminates excess currency inventories and increases capital availability for investment
  • Accurately forecasts currency demand for all cash point types
  • Combines complex forecasting functionality with historical trends and known events to reduce currency outages and expensive emergency deliveries
  • Optimizes transportation scheduling, balancing cost of currency versus delivery costs
  • Combines local requirements with centralized guidelines to ensure adherence to corporate policies
  • Reduces costs of central bank cross-shipping penalties
  • Supports centralized or decentralized currency management
  • Country
  • United States
  • Solution
  • Insights & Optimization, Cash & Logistics
  • Industry
  • Banks, Credit Unions
  • Published
  • April 2017

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