Integrated Currency Manager: Performance Forecaster

Banks and cash providers are challenged to optimize their cash supply chain while battling rising costs and interest rates. With Integrated Currency Manager®: Performance Forecaster, you can simulate changes and see the true impact on your cash availability.

Simulation is Key to Successful Planning

Integrated Currency Manager: Performance Forecaster allows you to create powerful simulations using different system settings and analyze the impact on cash balances, costs and availability. Simulations help identify the best settings for planning and anticipating cash needs, as well as achieving optimal cost and service levels. This insightful new solution delivers complex data analysis to effectively protect financial institutions from increased costs and outages resulting from incorrect system settings and/or manual overrides.

Powerful Capabilities and Analytics

The system has been designed with ease of use in mind. Simulations are simple to configure, making trials quick and easy to create to analyze changes for one or hundreds of cash points. With a variety of analysis tools and reports available, you can remove guesswork and speculation when fine tuning your cash systems.

Flexibility with cost control is at the core of Integrated Currency Manager: Performance Forecaster. The system enables multiple simulations to be scheduled and performed simultaneously. And each simulation provides a full projection of cost calculations, number of shipments, and estimates on number of outages – allowing you to quickly identify optimal parameter settings for each cash point.

Key Benefits:

  • Maximize system performance and ROI
  • Improve productivity and efficiency by identifying optimal parameters for each cash point
  • Provide business intelligence into the impacts of parameter changes on service levels and costs
  • Reduce risk by removing guesswork from system fine tuning
  • Easily simulate changes in interest rates, transportation costs, and cash services
  • Country
  • United States, International
  • Solution
  • Cash & Logistics, Insights & Optimization
  • Industry
  • Banks
  • Published
  • May 2015

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