Instant Issue Advantage: Tablet

With Instant Issue Advantage™: Tablet from Fiserv, your tellers can meet accountholders at the door, tablet in hand, and easily and instantly issue Visa®- or Mastercard®-branded magnetic stripe or EMV™ debit or credit cards.

Instant Issue Advantage: Tablet is an advanced, PCI-compliant solution that integrates with your account processing system, EFT processor and credit processor, enabling in-branch issuance and activation of payment cards. The solution allows your tellers to provide accountholders more personalized attention – quickly and efficiently.

Key Features

  • Secure, wireless access to instant issuance software
  • Intuitive, Windows®-based graphics
  • PIN selection

Workflow Functions

  • Start-of-Day – Tracking and reporting of the ordering and loading cards from your card vault
  • Create and Print Card – Access accountholder records to initiate card activation and printing on your instant issuance financial card printer
  • PIN Selection – Cardholder selection of a PIN, verification and instant activation
  • Close-of-Day – Conduct end-of-day card balancing of physical card inventory in your vault
  • Country
  • United States
  • Solution
  • Customer & Channel Management, Output Solutions
  • Published
  • June 2017

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