Fiserv and the New Payments Platform

Australia's New Payments Platform (NPP) will provide Australian businesses and consumers with a fast, versatile, data-rich payments system for making their everyday payments.

Fiserv is partnering with SWIFT to deliver part of the centralised infrastructure that will support the NPP, and is poised to partner with institutions to prepare for launch. Are you NPP ready?

Fiserv offers:

  • Efficiencies in payments processing with a single platform to enable you to efficiently manage your operations and benefit from reduced operating costs
  • A scalable business model that provides your organisation with the ability to scale with projected industry increases in transaction volumes
  • Minimised operational risk and losses as it helps manage exceptions effectively by identifying them early in the process

Fiserv in Asia Pacific

  • We have more than 200 clients in Asia Pacific
  • Long term provider of services to 27 Australian financial institution clients including three of the major banks
  • Full service offices in Singapore, Sydney and Melbourne
  • Country
  • International, Australia
  • Solution
  • Institutional Management
  • Industry
  • Banks
  • Published
  • November 2015

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