Cash continues to be a preferred payment method for many consumers and its use continues to grow. But how much does cash cost your merchant customers? CorPoint® manages the entire cash supply chain through two modules, Order Manager and Deposit Manager.

CorPoint from Fiserv is the end-to-end cash management solution for your merchant customers – enabling them to be more efficient, controlled and cost-effective in their cash operations. CorPoint enables order placement via a Web portal or automated telephone system and deposit tracking through the use of intelligence safes that can facilitate provisional credit and enhance merchant reconciliation. CorPoint establishes a single data access point for sharing information across the cash supply chain for both orders and deposits.

Order Manager Key Benefits

  • Automated, convenient web-based and automated telephone cash ordering
  • Order history available 24/7 through a Web portal
  • Credit limit checks on placed orders
  • Centralized view of order activity across different locations

Deposit Manager Key Benefits

For Your Merchant Customers:

  • Improved cash flow and availability
  • Simplified in-store cash operations
  • Reduced number of transportation services
  • Easier reconciliation at both the cashier and deposit level
  • Greater recycling of cash in the store

For Your Institution:

  • Fiserv assistance with marketing campaigns
  • Facilitation of long-term merchant/bank relationships
  • Option to provide provisional credit on cash deposits
  • Integration with the bank’s core deposit system
  • Banking relationships beyond geographic footprint
  • Sophisticated reporting and dashboards
  • Certified hardware offerings
  • Country
  • International, United States
  • Solution
  • Cash & Logistics, Insights & Optimization
  • Industry
  • Banks, Credit Unions
  • Published
  • April 2015

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