CorPoint: Order Manager for Retailers

CorPoint®: Order Manager from Fiserv helps you streamline and automate the cash ordering process, simplifying it so managers can get back to running the business.

Manual cash ordering processes are time-consuming and inefficient for your business. New technologies are available that save time and improve cash controls.

Key Benefits

  • Convenient web-based, mobile, and automated telephone cash orders
  • Order and deposit history available 24/7 through a web portal
  • Reduced risk through credit-limit and balance checks
  • Centralized view of order and deposit activity across different locations
  • Enhanced notifications and communications between customers, your bank and armored carriers
  • Flexible approval workflows to enforce controls at the location or corporate level
  • Country
  • United States
  • Solution
  • Insights & Optimization, Cash & Logistics
  • Industry
  • Insights & Optimization
  • Published
  • December 2016

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