Business Analytics

Reliable business intelligence is more important than ever to your financial institution. By combining extensive reporting functionality with easy-to-use technology, this solution gives you complete control over the distribution of actionable data throughout your organization.


Business Analytics from Fiserv helps to optimize performance and financial results by supplying consistent metrics across your entire enterprise, making it an indispensable tool for reaching informed financial and policy decisions. With its innovative, browser-based features, this solution simplifies information management, enabling your staff to author, manage and view reports from a single portal.

Key Features

  • Robust report authoring and viewing tools enable novices and experts alike to build, format and edit customized reports with minimal effort and training.
  • Information from outside sources can be integrated for ad hoc reporting and analysis.
  • Fast, effective search capabilities reduce research time and provide easy access to existing reports and analysis.
  • Watch rules and alerts enable automatic generation and delivery of reports when certain conditions are met.
  • Available reporting packages provide “plug- and-play” combinations of interactive reports designed to provide analysis at executive, branch and data levels.
  • Mobile option makes powerful business intelligence available anywhere using Apple® iPad® devices.

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