Business Analytics ACH Manager Reporting for Precision

Business Analytics ACH Manager Reporting for Precision® from Fiserv provides a comprehensive view of activity and trends in ACH Manager. Mine the ACH transaction data to find insights and drive growth.

Business Analytics ACH Reporting for Precision works with ACH Manager version 3.0 and above to give you comprehensive information about ACH activity. Data is delivered through a dashboard-driven reporting tool in Business Analytics from Fiserv. You can analyze specific customer segments, view daily activities and transactions and gain new insights to help drive growth in ACH payment processing.

Business Analytics ACH Manager Reporting is made possible by a framework that integrates data from ancillary Fiserv applications into a common reporting database. This innovative approach to information management breaks down data silos to help you gain a more complete view of customer behavior, product utilization and financial performance within Business Analytics.

  • Country
  • United States
  • Solution
  • Account Processing Solutions, ACH Solutions, Bank Platforms, Business Banking, Payments
  • Industry
  • Financial Institution Statements
  • Published
  • July 2016

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