Advantage Fee

Advantage Fee™ from Fiserv is a comprehensive customer billing and revenue management solution. It helps financial services organizations worldwide to support flexible, highly complex and fast-changing fee structures with efficient, controlled invoicing.


Across the financial services industry, the growing complexity of investment solutions and client relationships has led to widespread change in  billing requirements. The vast range of products and services, and frequent requests for customized fee schedules, make it difficult for organizations to achieve operational excellence. The need for automated, accurate and timely invoicing is stronger than ever.

With a single, flexible fee billing platform, Advantage Fee streamlines billing processes for organizations with large numbers of high-volume accounts. Advantage Fee enables firms to manage multiple invoicing structures accurately, quickly and cost efficiently, while accommodating the new generations of fee and account structures. In addition, Advantage Fee eliminates the need to maintain separate commission payout and billing systems.

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  • United States
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  • Institutional Asset Management
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  • Institutional Asset Management
  • Published
  • January 2017