Cybersecurity Webinar Series

  • Sep 24, 2019 | Online

Not If, But When … Are You Prepared?

What Every Financial Institution Should Know About Cybersecurity Preparedness

Cyber events require an organized response. When an attack happens, how you respond and how quickly you react can greatly influence the impact of the attack on your organization, finances and reputation. Cybersecurity events are not resolved in a vacuum. Resolution often requires a joint effort between technical and non-technical teams in order to address all facets of risk posed to the organization.

During a cybersecurity event, time is of the essence with risk and liability the organization faces increasing by the minute. Preparing for these types of events is one of the best ways to streamline response and reduce risk.

Join us for a webcast where our cybersecurity experts will reveal:

  • What questions you should be asking about the current state of your cyber protection
  • How being proactive can help reduce business interruption
  • Incident Response Planning 101
  • How to identify security gaps
  • A roadmap for cyber preparedness

Webinar Archive

Has Compliance Caught up With Security?

We know compliance has never really been a good measure of real security. There is a discrepancy between the inadequate understanding of cybersecurity and point-in-time reports versus real-time visibility, awareness and plan to contain attacks. This disparity has always been clear to CISOs and IT security professionals, but measures have never been taken to better align compliance with security.  Is this finally changing? 

During this webinar, we will discuss the current state of cybersecurity regulations and what the future regulatory landscape is going to look like.  We will also explore specific new mandates, what they mean in the real-word and what the financial services industry is doing to respond.

Tales From the Dark Web

Cybercriminals are well-funded, organized and increasingly sophisticated, leveraging dark web chat forums and government-grade software tools. Few know this better than former CTO and Senior Special Agent of the FBI's Cyber Division, Milan Patel. Milan has seen those cyberattacks firsthand and has led numerous high-profile cyber investigations.

During this webinar Milan, along with Fiserv security consultant, Nayan Patel, will share these tales and the cybersecurity trends every financial institution needs to know to combat the evolving threat landscape.

Intelligent Cyber Defenses

Stop threats before they cause damage

Equip your financial institution to identify and defend against today's advanced cyberthreats. Maintain your data and reputation using secure, easily managed services that ease compliance and audit burdens, and deliver maximum security while minimizing cost.

Threat actors are leveraging big data and advanced techniques to identify and target the unique vulnerabilities of institutions.

Learn about the role that orchestration and other techniques play in defending against increasingly sophisticated, evolving and frequent cyberattacks, and how CyberProtect is bringing advanced cybersecurity to financial institutions of all sizes.