2021 SIFMA Anti-Money Laundering & Financial Crimes Conference

  • Feb 22 ‒ Feb 23, 2021 | Virtual

2020 introduced a range of new money laundering and financial crime threats – from operational challenges associated with decentralized workplaces to criminal activities related to the pandemic and beyond. Managing risks and staying ahead of evolving threats requires efficient, adaptive technology solutions designed to uncover the most sophisticated crimes. 

Fiserv experts will be on hand at the 2021 SIFMA Anti-Money Laundering & Financial Crimes Conference to discuss the latest Financial Crime Risk Management solutions to help you mitigate risk and ensure compliance. While you’re there, be sure to check out this on-demand session from Fiserv:

Financial Crime – Four Dimensions of Risk: Money Laundering, Fraud, Market Abuse, and Bribery and Corruption. How to Manage Holistically Through Collaboration. 

Andrew Davies, Director, Business Development, FRMS

The amount of money laundered annually through the global financial system is 2–5 percent of global GDP, a percentage that hasn’t materially changed for years. Regulators around the world and across our industry recognize the need to do more to fight financial crime. To succeed in protecting the financial system, AML professionals in both private and public organizations must work together. Collaboration is key. In this session we focus on collaboration and how working together can help us manage risk across four dimensions of financial crime: money laundering, fraud, market abuse, and bribery and corruption.

Learn more about the SIFMA Anti-Money Laundering & Financial Crimes Conference and register here.

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Fraud Risk & AML Compliance Management

Financial services are evolving at an unprecedented pace and consumers expect those services to be delivered instantly and securely. But fraud and financial crime is evolving just as quickly and pushing financial institutions to seek new strategies to manage risk and stay ahead of criminals.